Waiter Station Unit

District Furniture waiter station hand made bespoke restaurant furniture

Our biggest, most involved single piece commission by far. This ‘waiter station’ for a prestigious city restaurant was produced with a solid American oak timber frame. Brass kicker, original artwork on glass to the front face. Laser cut metal top fence surround and curved glass end display cases, and corian champagne bath.

It really was months of design in order to get the final piece of furniture approved by the client. Then the hands on work could take place in the workshop.

Firstly the solid timber frame was constructed, to 1mm tolerance in order to fit the curved glass pieces. This proved to be extremely difficult as the glass was fitted perfectly one day. We came in the next day and the same piece of glass would not fit in the same gap! Due to a large drop in temperature overnight the solid timber had moved and the gap closed by 2mm. Back to the drawing board!

There were so many different materials in this piece of furniture that is was extremely time consuming bringing everything together, but when the final piece was unveiled the client was blown away with the striking and practical mobile unit.

The waiter station piece of furniture had 8 x large industrial castors in order to moved the station around teh restaurant should the interior layout need to be changed due to functions or events.

The back of the unit had storage for over 200 pieces of glass wear. The top had adequate storage for 50 bottles of wine and also the two drawers could contain the menus and cutlery.

An immense amount of time consuming work went into this extremely bespoke and unique piece of furniture but don’t just take our words for it, have a look for yourself..

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