White Nancy – Bollington

There’s nothing we like more at District Furniture than to get out into nature and blow the cobwebs off! That’s why we have decided to write a series of blogs about some of our favorite outdoor spaces in our local community of Bollington.

District Furniture local guide to Bollington

We are very lucky indeed to have our furniture making workshops situated so close to the natural beauty of the Peak District and surrounds. Indeed are workshops are positioned in an old mill on the banks of the Macclesfield canal system, in the heart of bollington. And just a short 30 minute walk from our workshops is the iconic ‘White Nancy’. (We can actually see her from our toilet window!)

Now what or who is white Nancy I hear you say, well….

District Furniture blog about local beauty spot, this week White Nancy, Bollington

White Nancy is a grade 2 listed landmark, on top of Kerridge Hill overlooking Bollington. Here’s an extract from the Happy Valley website; White Nancy was actually built as a summer house by the Gaskell family, who lived below the hill at Ingersley Hall, in about 1815. It is stone built with external rendering and regularly painted white in order to maintain its visibility. 

I absolutely love the climb to White Nancy, and once at the top of Kerridge Hill what a view! The structure itself is ‘a’ symmetrical in shape and has all the beautiful characteristics of a hand-made and crafted piece of sculpture. I love the fact that it is so imperfect that you can almost feel the creators hands molding the monolithic sculpture.

So how do you get to see Nancy close up, well there are a number of ways. You can access White Nancy via the Gritstone trail. Either walk from the Pott Shrigley end of Bollington, or park in Kerridge and access the footpath and bridleway which then leads to the steep steps up to Nancy from the Gritstone trail.

Whichever way you go enjoy the beautiful view, country air and of course White Nancy, and don’t forget to give the old girl a kiss from us!

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  1. Great this business supports its local community ….what’s even better it has a strong ethical belief in sustainable materials…👍


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