Design and Create a Custom Table

How do you start to design and create a custom made table. At District Furniture we think we have the perfect recipe for success… Firstly you need to listen! That’s right sit down and listen to what the client wants. Ask questions of your client… Are there any problems you can solve for them with the design? Do they have an unusual space in which to house their custom designed hand-crafted table? What are the dimensions? Are these fixed or will they change from time to time?

Communication is the key, extract as much information as you can. Next up; Materials, what reclaimed solid timber top do they prefer? What grain structure or depth of colour once a finish has been applied? At District Furniture we have a variety of standard timbers that we use but also have a fantastic supplier with an amazing array of timber to choose from.

Another key to creating the perfect custom table is the design. Modern, classic or traditional? We can do them all, we will work with you to create ideas and develop your own designs. Our team can provide sketch drawings, CAD model and detailed renders in order to ensure you will receive exactly what you require.

Then we bring your ideas to life in our canal-side workshop in Bollington. We hand select the timber that suits your requirements, then start to work to shape the material. Using all hands-on techniques we plane and thickness the timber to the correct dimensions. We then laminate boards together in order to produce the right size table top. Depending on the design for the leg frame we will either use timber or metal to produce the table.

District Furniture workshop in Clarence Mill Bollington

A quick ‘lick’ of natural, but durable finish and hey-presto the design you have been thinking about for years and years has finally come to life. We can deliver your table in our District Furniture van, ensuring that your project has gone from start to finish, completely tailored to your needs.

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