Furniture With A Purpose

With an Industrial design background, I really get a kick out of seeing furniture that solves a problem. Its not often you see something in the world of furniture that is not just a ‘tweek’ or a slight style change, but something that goes deeper and really looks to challenge and solve a real world issue.

Enter the 7:1 collection by BBDO Bangkok’s collection for HomePro. The furniture collection is a response to the global issue of visual impairment, with its rounded shapes and stark colour combinations. The furniture is all outlined in bold contrasting colours scientifically proven to be the most beneficial to a visually impaired person recognising and improving visibility of an item.

This short video by the team at BBDO and HomePro explains more….

The name for the collection 7:1 is derived from the fact that the collection has been proven to increase visibility for the visually impaired by up to a ratio of 7:1. I’m sure you will agree that there is fantastic purpose behind this range of furniture, which I personally believe has led to a magnificent looking range. The function has driven the form, but the colour choice driven by research has really created a unique and striking range with an almost ‘drawn’ cartoon like quality that really appeals.

Written by

Gary Pennington

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