Our client Judy found us through a google search and although the bespoke timber furniture service was not advertised on our website at the time she decided to give us a call. Of course we were able to help!

Judy had salvaged a beautiful piece of marble which her grandfather previously owned and used as a bathroom vanity to put his bowl of water on and shave. Judy wanted to use this material combined with an attractive and complimentary timber to make a high table to use on her second floor landing, in a window which overlooked the city. Well it sounded like a great plan, and we could see the vision immediately. Our design team set to work and sketch up ideas, followed by a CAD model to present to Judy.

Our client loved it and from the quality of the render could see exactly what she would be getting. So we headed for the drawing board… well back to the computer really to produce dimension drawings of the table in order to pass them on to our highly skilled production team.

And then the real work began (or that’s what the guys in the workshop said). Walnut had been chosen for its rich colour and distinct grain, we thought this would be the perfect choice for the marble top. Especially as the walnut had also been reclaimed! Although the design was relatively simple in form, some of the joints we chose were quite detailed but I’m sure you will agree add beautiful detail points to the design.

The construction of the table worked out perfectly, so it was now just the finishing to complete the look. We chose danish oil to bring out the grain and luster in the walnut timber. Six coats later and the pictures speak for themselves.

So if you have a bespoke, custom made project, we would love to help bring your ideas to reality. So give us a call or send us a mail

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