Through working with our client Sandra on a restoration project, she approached us again to help solve a problem. Sandra required a modern looking custom designed hallway unit, suitable for a narrow space but had very clear ideas as to the material choices and feel of the piece. Our design team sat down with Sandra and put pen to paper….. we then took the sketches to the super computer….

Our client wanted clean lines with a twist, so we added a curved door. Sandra also had very clear ideas as to the feel of the materials, she wanted a completely unique look with three different re-claimed native timber used. We met her at the local re-claimed timber yard to select the spotted gum for the carcass and other timbers for the doors and drawers.

With timber in hand we set to work on the custom build. Timber was thicknessed down to 20mm and laminated, mitered and glued. Once the timber work was complete we set about fitting cupboards and doors using soft close mechanisms. We also stained the unit to our clients specifications a dark walnut colour for the carcass and spotted gum door.

This frame was fabricated by our welding team, from 25mm x 25mm powder coated mild steel, in a matt black finish to match the fittings in our clients house. And that’s it all done, what can I say another happy client!

So if you have a design in mind, or even if you don’t why not give us a call to see if we can help create your new favorite piece of furniture.

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