Rip It Up, And Start Again

How do you start again?…. With what? With everything!

That’s the question my family and I are currently asking ourselves, after living in Australia for the past 11 years we have recently moved back to England. With my wife and two young boys, we boarded a plane and drew a line under everything we had worked for over a significant period of time.

Why? in a word; family. Since the arrival of our second son we had felt a real disconnect to all our family being on the other side of the planet. So although we owned our own home, my wife had a good job, I had built up my furniture business over seven years to be a self-sufficient little enterprise: It was time to go!

Over a short period of time we systematically sold furniture, surf boards our house and regrettably by beloved 1974 campervan ‘Billy’. We had last days at childcare, kindergarten, work and in the workshop. We had our last Melbourne coffee (for a while) and boarded the plane back home.

So here we are… on a personal side trying to rebuild our family life, by searching for a home to live in. And on a professional side starting again with a new furniture business. Even though it has been a long time away I feel in a very strong position regarding the new business. I have learn’t a lot after seven years building a business and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. My Australian business which I ran form a studio/workshop in Melbourne was extremely diverse, which kept the work very interesting but also made the brand ‘Tane’ a bit confusing.

This really feels like I have been given a second chance to construct a business that fits what I want to achieve. And even better coming from a more educated position. District Furniture will be extremely focused, starting out as a service custom design and hand-making dining tables. The tables will be produced from locally sourced reclaimed timbers, they will use natural finishes with no nasty chemicals.

Some might say its a risk, but I say its a real positive step to stop, re-calibrate and go again.

“If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats. But if you take no risks, you win no victories.”

Richard M. Nixon

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